Huntington Continental is happy that owners are enjoying the newly renovated Pool #2!

Change in Pool Hours (12:30 PM to 7:45 PM)

In the link above are revised Emergency Pool Rules which change the hours the pool will be in operation. We have received complaints that the pool was not being opened and closed on time. The Association pays for an eight (8) hour shift. It has become clear the pool monitor needs time to pick up supplies and waivers at the Clubhouse and set up for the day. The monitor also needs time at the end of the day to deposit the collected waivers at the Clubhouse. Therefore, the pool opening and closing time has been adjusted so that all the duties of the pool monitor can be completed within the eight hour shift.

Only One Pool in Operation at a Time

Due to the cost of pool monitoring, only one pool will be in operation at a time. If you see that Pool #2 has a “Closed” notice, please proceed to Pool #1.

Swim Diapers are Required for Young Children

All young children must wear swim diapers and must be taken frequently to the restroom. Any fecal incidents will require the pool to be closed for cleaning and may result in fines and cleaning costs being assessed to the owner violating this swim diaper rule.

Be Courteous to the Pool Monitor

Please follow the directions of the pool monitor. Be courteous to this HOA representative. This person has a difficult job to do. Any complaints regarding pool operation should be forwarded to your Community Manager, for review by the Board of Directors.

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