If you’ve been reading the monthly community newsletters, you’ll know that the Board of Directors recently voted to undertake the large task of updating the community CC&Rs, and created a committee of homeowners to assist in this process.

The CC&R documents were written in the 1960’s when the community was first built, and do not properly reflect the community’s current needs and desires as to which maintenance items the HOA is responsible for, and which maintenance responsibilities homeowners are responsible for. We are happy to announce that things are moving along very well, and we have a first draft of the new CC&R’s! The plan is currently to try and have final documents by mid-2021, vote, and record them before the end of 2021.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please keep an eye out for more communication and participation regarding this project and maybe even a town hall! As part of the new CC&R documents, one of the most hotly discussed topics is the community handling of termite treatment/repairs. It is also one that impacts HOA dues directly. We are kindly requesting your input regarding this topic for those reasons.

We will need a large majority of owners to vote in favor of the new CC&Rs and we want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to have their voices heard during the process, and also to ensure a higher chance of success. HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO BE HEARD!

Please click on the survey link below and let us know your thoughts!


Responses will be discussed at the next Board meeting on January 25, 2020 at 6:30 p.m., via Zoom telephone conference, so please respond quickly!