Pool & Playground Information


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For the enjoyment of its residents, Huntington Continental has two private pools located in the community. The pools are open year-round and are heated seasonally. Amenities to the pool include two spas, two children’s wading pools, and pool-side lounge furniture with umbrellas. The pools are located on either side of the community for easy access, and both are gated with key-card entry.


Pool Rules:
When using the pool and spa, please be aware of and follow all pool rules. The list of pool rules can be found here.


Pool Keys:

  • Only ONE NON-DUPLICATING Pool key/card is issued per townhouse.
  • If keys/card were originally issued, the responsibility is on the Townhouse homeowner to transfer the key/card along with the house keys (in the event the Townhouse Unit is sold), to the new homeowner.
  • Homeowners are responsible for making their own arrangements by which their tenants will be allowed to use the key/card. The Association will not issue or sell keys/cards to tenants.
  • Please contact Management Agent for replacement keys. The fee for a replacement key/card is $150.00.